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Thursday 4 October 2018

Do not be cheated by cheap price magnetic pants!!


Dear magnetic pants supporters, as the original magnetic pants provider and responsible organization, we received too many complaints from our loyalty users. They reported many fake and cheap pants around the market, all of them are using the brand Vince Klein.

Some buyers go ahead with cheap price and at the end received a real 'cheap' magnetic pants, but yet pointed back to Vincepants. We do not responsible for any purchased made other than Vincepants official website. After a year of consideration, in 2018 January, we are no longer branding after Vince Klein.

Please do not be conned, cheap price always come with 'cheap' products, please identify the original before buy. If you are not sure, we welcome you to email to verify. Please always purchase from our website to prevent fraud. We never selling on others platform besides our own.

For your information, Vincepants packing never come in can . All products sold are well branded in Vincepants and properly sealed . Please enjoy your smart purchase with us. 

Top 10 Questions To ASKED Before BUY!!!

1. Is the pants effectiveness?
2. How does the pants work?
3. Is the magnetic force strong enough?
4. Is it comfortable to wear?
5. How long its take to show result?
6. Is it the real Vince Klein?
7. Is it good in quality?
8. What are the materials?
9. What are the technologies behind?
10. Any side effects?